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My name is Maranda Joy and I’m the author of Mascara&Marigolds. I’m a 20 something SAHM making the most of the toddler years while being chronically ill. In this blog you'll find parenting anecdotes and techniques, general life as a stay at home mom, my experiences with chronic illness and how they all tie together... Continue Reading →

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Switching Your Doctor When You’re Chronically Ill

I recently had to change my doctors and I almost had a breakdown. It is so hard to find a good doctor when you're chronically ill. There are so many requirements specific to what's wrong with you. I have a long list of requirements because we're still in the process of diagnosing me. Two of... Continue Reading →

Yoga Withdrawal

Oh. My. God. These past few weeks have been hard. Since I hurt my neck I haven't been able to workout or do yoga and I am suffering. I normally do a long yoga session in the morning before L gets up, and then a short one before we wash our faces and do our... Continue Reading →

Yoga For Mental Health

I've had a love-hate relationship with yoga for over a decade. When I was in high school and dealing with Functional Movement Disorder one of the biggest suggestions strangers would give was yoga. So, of course, I started to resent yoga by association. I never even tried it but I hated just the thought of... Continue Reading →

A Rough Day (A Toddler Mishap)

It finally happened; L fell out of his crib. For the past couple of months, he's been leaning his torso over the crib but he seemed pretty content with that. Unfortunately, that ended today. He leaned a little bit too far out of the crib and fell headfirst. He was fine but totally stunned. If... Continue Reading →

My First Real “Mom Injury”

I'm constantly injuring myself.There are always random bruises on me, and something will be banged up. Now, to be fair, some of this is from being chronically ill. But for the most part? I'm just clumsy. Being a mom? Doesn't help. I sprained my ankle for the first time when I fell carrying L. He... Continue Reading →

2019 Goals

After the shitshow of 2018, I am more than ready for next year. I normally refrain from new year resolutions but this year I saw a Twitter thread listing New Year's goals and I fell in love with the idea. So, here are my 2019 goals Start Meditating A couple of months ago I tried... Continue Reading →

Weekend Update

We had such a great weekend! BF had his first weekend break in two weeks and I'm not sure who was happier about it. It rained both days but that only made for a cozier time. L and I spent all Saturday morning at Little Sport and it was a madhouse. There were two birthday... Continue Reading →

Toddler Approved Holiday Playlist

Underneath The Tree - Kelly Clarkson My Favorite Things - Kelly Clarkson Wrapped In Red - Kelly Clarkson Run Run Rudolph - Kelly Clarkson Every Christmas - Kelly Clarkson Christmas Eve - Kelly Clarkson Blue Christmas - Kelly Clarkson All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey Holly Jolly Christmas - Michael Bublé... Continue Reading →

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