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I’m Obsessed With My Doctor..But Only Because She Saved My Uterus

I’m in love with my doctor.

If anyone within a mile of me is complaining about their doctor I will swoop in like Batman to save the day. But instead of saving their lives by beating up bad guys I’m saving their lives by sending them to a better doctor.

Because sometimes it really does save your life.

After I had L, I developed an infection in my uterus. This is pretty common, and only requires an office visit and some antibiotics to fix.

Yet I went undiagnosed for 7 months.

I was seeing my OBGYN every other week with pain, cramps, bleeding, abdominal distension, with clusters of ovarian cysts bursting twice a month. And nothing was done.

Finally, I left.

And within 30 minutes of seeing my new doctor, I had a diagnoses and antibiotics. If I hadn’t switched doctors, the infection would have eventually caused infertility and would require a hysterectomy.

I’ll never be able to get pregnant again.

My ovaries no longer function properly, and I will deal with the consequences of the infection for the rest of my life.

Even though

So when I seem a little overly enthusiastic about her, this is why.


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